Successes with Guitar Star Instruction

The various approaches of lessons at Guitar Star Instruction give students of all ages and interests numerous avenues to explore in achieving their musical goals.

The youngest students, under 10 years of age, exude confidence and joy in their new found knowledge and skill when they master their lessons and play their first songs. "I played ‘Happy Birthday' for Grandma at her birthday party!"

The pre-teens and teens find themselves excelling in their school bands or talent shows including some who write and perform their own songs or can even play jazz and improvise in the school band!

That brings us to the older teens and young adults who play in Rock bands with their friends that perform at local shows and clubs.

And at the adult end of the spectrum, we have the doctor, salesman, engineer, rabbi and other professionals who play for the enjoyment and relief they seek after a serious day at work.

All in all there is something for everyone at Guitar Star Instruction. Look through the following successes for encouragement and inspiration.

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