Children under the age of 10 – receive instruction using a special series of books, just for kids, which teach notes, chords and beginner songs. Some books include play along CD’s which is very helpful and fun! I also add simple song charts of Happy Birthday, Take Me Put to the Ballgame, Pink Panther, etc. and other songs of their choice!

Teen and Adult Beginners use a series of great books that teach music, reading notes and chords, playing songs and more. They include play along tracks which, again, are very helpful and fun! I then offer many popular classic and modern songs on easy to learn charts plus songs of  your choice to learn. Did you know you can play along with the original songs on YouTube at slower speeds while you’re learning? What a great tool!

NEW! The Accelerated Learning System is a workbook of exercises to help all Beginners improve their hands and fingers so they progress to faster and smoother movement playing notes and chords and using the pick to play songs well so they sound right! Understanding music is not that hard. Physically playing it well is a challenge so this is a game changing step to faster progress so you can play like the real deal!

NEW! The Advanced Learning System is for Intermediate students as an addition to any books we choose to use. It includes a good collection of exercises to promote hand, pick and finger dexterity to get your playing to that next level while also showing numerous musical ideas that reveal greater understanding of scales, chords and music. This will clarify those “questions” that accumulate for students and bring simplicity where confusion once existed.

The Insta’ Pro Guitar System was developed years ago in response to student requests for Instruction on how to create guitar solos, improvise, write songs and learn songs easier. This is taught in Music School but none of the books in music stores give any real answers! So I wrote my own system using all that I had learned from years of playing professionally and teaching hundreds of students plus my training as a Specialist in Study Technology (how to study, learn and read correctly and successfully.) It has been wildly popular for decades and is for use by intermediate and advanced guitarists.


30 minute lessons are $30
45 minute lessons are $45
60 minute lessons are $60

See the Payment Schedule page for payment arrangements.