Insta' Pro Guitar System

The Insta' Pro Guitar System is a book I developed over my years of teaching in response to students' quests for answers to the hard questions in music and guitar:

  • How do I put a guitar solo together?
  • How do you jam/improvise?
  • How can I figure out a song by myself?
  • How do you write songs?
  • What scales do you use with specific chords?
  • How can I get my fingers to move faster?!
  • Etc., etc.

In spite of being taught all of this in Music School I could not find the materials in books at the music stores only bits... pieces... fragments... useless! The basic books were fine but after that.....................?

So bit by bit, I began to assemble and print copies of the answers to the questions coming from students until I realized the need for a fully organized, comprehensive system. I spent the next few years (using the sound principles of teaching and learning I had amassed in my studies of Study Technology) writing, testing the material on the students and then re-writing and re-testing until I had what I wanted:

A fully organized system of guitar instruction, designed for the intermediate or advanced student, which fit together like a puzzle which would bring the student from zero understanding of the real principles of music on the guitar to a comprehensive mastery of the subject both in theory and performance.

Hundreds of students have benefitted greatly and improved their musicianship through this system - see their stories on the Insta' Pro Guitar System Successes page.